Art For a Cause

It was a simple shopping trip in the Dominican and seeing glorious works of art using bright colors that sparked this artist’s flame.   

“I’ve always had this idea in my head to put colorful paint, fabrics, symbols and stones together. It wasn’t until that trip I started talking about it to a friend. We had just seen a ton of amazing artwork. It was then I was asked – why aren’t you doing it?” 

With a busy career in radio, television and DJing events – time was the main excuse for Kuljeet Kaila. “I thought about it lots after that trip and tried to eliminate all the excuses. I must have really put it out there.” Shortly after that trip, Kuljeet was laid off from a radio job and suddenly had more time and less excuses. “I got a lovely gift card from that same friend to buy art supplies and just started. I soon found it to be the only thing I could do where I didn’t have to worry about making mistakes or missing deadlines – it was so freeing.” 

Putting it all on canvas also proved to be very healing for Kuljeet, who then started researching the meaning of different colours, stones, symbols and even feng shui. Kuljeet also enlisted the help of a couple of local energy healers to learn more. “Soon, I was getting calls from their clients to create pieces for their homes and offices; and some of the work I was doing was very much in line with feng shui. It all started to make sense – everything has meaning.” 

It has turned into a journey of learning and finding purpose on many levels for this artist. Kuljeet’s artwork is featured on a new website with definitions of each piece, but the healing power of art has inspired Kuljeet to use it to help heal others. 

After spending close to 20 years in media, travelling all over the world, covering various stories, producing documentaries and learning people’s stories, there were 2 things that always stuck with her.   

“I will never forget meeting families of terminally ill children. It broke my heart in so many ways and although there isn’t much you can do to help with the outcome, you can help along the way – be it paying bills or assisting with outings. I decided I would sell my artwork to help a couple of causes including this one locally.” 

The other cause near and dear to Kuljeet’s heart are orphanages in India that take in girls who are given up, abandoned, and in some cases dumped at birth.   

“It was probably one of the harshest stories I have ever had to cover and it always stuck with me. I was horrified that a family would do this and then also amazed by those who gave them a second chance.”  

Kuljeet will be visiting the Unique Home for Girls in India next spring, and is hoping the artwork will help generate a significant donation.  

Some of Kuljeet’s work will be showcased at events and inside local temples and restaurants. With no set prices, Kuljeet is hoping people will bid and donate what they can if they like a piece. “I also get requests to do custom pieces for homes or offices with certain colors and symbols, so I am open to that too.” 

To view the artwork and read more, visit or find Kuljeet’s art page on Facebook. 

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