A Mindset for Success

A Mindset For Success

1) Never Surrender
There are two kinds of people: those who believe they can make things happen and those who believe things happen to them. The first group are convinced that the outcome of their lives/careers is in their own hands. The second group take a Forrest Gump approach—they wait for the bus to take them somewhere. The empowered feel anxiety when hard times strike, but they believe they have control over the outcomes, so their anxiety fuels passion not pity, drive not despair, tenacity not trepidation. They double down.

2) Path To Happiness
Most people believe they must first have something (money), before they can do what they want (start a business; travel), which will allow them to be something (happy; motivated). Reverse this order. First BE whatever it is you want. Then start DOING things. Then you will get what you want to HAVE.

3) Enough
Always think, I HAVE ENOUGH. The very thought of believing that you do, allows you to take more risks/chances that ultimately lead to success. When you worry about what you DON’T HAVE, it’s immobilizing. If you always NEED you will always be WANTING-regardless of how much you have or accomplish.

4) Don’t Compare
The world owes you nothing. Life isn’t fair. But, the world already gives us everything we need. You have every advantage in the world to succeed. All you have to do is show up.

5) Competition?
Instead of worry about competitors and focus on what they were doing, I created a niche in my business and monopolized the space in which I created value. My competitors out priced each other charging less and less and it was then their race to the bottom – of which I wanted nothing to do with. I charged more for similar services, but serviced an area where my competitors didn’t want to go – to the little guys. I saw those little guys as opportunity. Plus, my competitors wouldn’t be calling them up for business. I wasn’t going to waste my time trying to keep up to their lead. I was going to be the leader.

6) Never Forget
Humility, gratitude and recognition of your blessings keeps success in perspective. It’s easy when you reach a level of success to feel superior to others and that you got there on your own. You are not solely responsible for your success.

7) If You Need To Ask, Don’t Do It
A number of people have told me they want to start a business. They ask me if I think they should do it. I say no. Why? Because if someone is going to become a success, they could care less what I say. People want to chase what worked for someone else and they forget what THEY want to do. I can’t give anyone permission to live their dreams. You can do whatever you decide to do. Make the decision and forget what everyone else thinks or says about it.

8) Do It Now!
The perfect client, opportunity, or circumstance will never happen. Instead of wishing things were different, cultivate what’s right in front of you. Rather than waiting for the next opportunity, the one in your hands is the opportunity. The grass is greener where you water it. The problem isn’t your circumstance-it’s you.


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