About Us

AAJ is a South Asian lifestyle magazine geared towards the 18- to 45-year-old South Asian target market in Canada. South Asians are emerging as a new economic, professional and political force in Canada Our new Minister of Defense, Harjit Sajjan, is Sikh, for example, and news and accomplishments of the community are growing. That’s why we created AAJ, to help shape the perception of the South Asian community positively, expose the successes of the community while driving discussion about issues of concern to the community.

Our Story

Media is a vast field and entering with Aaj name itself states a difference that it will serve the right market at a right place. Aaj is a Hindi word means “Today”, realizing the importance of providing multiculturalism with a view to contributes towards the success stories of our society. Aaj Vancouver started its journey in 2017 with phone apps, website, and IPTV Channel worldwide.This unique information technology has curtailed the distances drastically and brought the entire mankind into a small circumference promoting not only multiculturalism but also a very strong feeling of affinity.

The main concept of this channel is to uplift the current happenings in modern era i.e. sports news, informative programs on Real Estate, Mortgages Rules and Policies, Accountancy, Taxation Policies, Social and Political environment and also the Religious programs. Aaj Vancouver will diversify worldwide with its different approach on different platforms i.e Live Tv on the website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Aaj Vancouver is a promotion platform and we welcome all business to showcase their products and services on Aaj Vancouver for the world to see.

Our Vision

News about what’s really going on in different sectors.
Delivering the hard hitting stories.
Providing a platform for unheard voices.
Showcasing local talent and stories.
Utilizing our T.V. and Magazine National Reach to better our community