Film is Music in a Different Package!

This is an exciting time for the team at Infraction Media. We are involved in three different projects each at various stages. A significant project right now is called Life Bloodz, a Punjabi action web series destined for Netflix and Hotstar India. Starring in the lead role is Sunny Singh, International Taekwondo fighter and Action Actor, also debuting upcoming script writer Paawan Singh in his first screenwriting role with Infraction Media. 

Sunny Singh in Life Bloodz

I want to take you into the mind of a director when thinking about creating an action project. 

So, working with a scriptwriter is about gaining the vision of how the scriptwriter sees the flow of the film and then as an Action Director meshing the practical logistics together. Making all this fit together harmoniously is the most difficult part of pre-production.  

Pre-production is the time spent before filming where most of the heavy lifting is done. A miscalculation here could spell disaster for the production. Lost days and at worst a lost scene. I have to be aware of the actor’s strengths and weaknesses and calculate this into the equation. 

Getting back to the story of Life Bloodz. It is about a fighter who vows to fulfill a promise to his loyal friend who was killed in a professional fight. As the Director, I have to ensure that the crescendo and pace of the scenes flow like a musical score. There are the harmonic moments followed by moments of calm. 

Melody: The melody in a song can be compared to the storyline that keeps the film moving, melodies have varying notes some high some low. The protagonist will move from moments of high tension then to low moments, just like life for most of us. 

Crescendo: Like music, it is essential to create the movement of the film. For example, a simple scene where the protagonist is alone compares to a monophonic instrument, a lone flute or guitar. Compare the scene where several characters face off for a fight action sequence, this would be like a polyphonic section of an orchestra.  

Tempo: Keeping temp or pace is also an excellent way to ensure there is a subconscious timing with the project. I believe that ultimately pace is completed in edit. I like to work with writers who are either editors or understand editing. The reason is that each scene might last a number of beats and if a writer can write scenes that acknowledge the beat, it creates a subconscious rhythmic pattern for the viewer. 

On a different front, the feature film project Valetika moved along this summer as we secured Hollywood Action Actor and MMA fighter Cung Le. Cung has worked with  Sylvester Stallone, Antonia Banderas, Jonas Brothers, and many more top Hollywood stars.

In addition, we were equally fortunate to secure Lochlyn Munro who is a veteran actor and famous Canadian actor. Lochlyn has starred in movies such as Scary Movie, Freddy V Jason, and White Chicks.

Lochlyn Munro

The amazing Rajat Bedi will be joining us in the role of  Professor Nadar. Rajat is known for Koi as well as over 40 other films.

Rajat Bedi

We spent the summer networking and meeting with film commissioners and location scouts to identify areas that we envision for the film. We have successfully located several important locations in BC that will create the look and feel we are aiming for. We had to work more creatively to ensure COVID rules were adhered to, but with careful planning and a lot of reworking, we created a go-forward plan that satisfies all angles. 

Infraction Media is offering an autographed copy signed to you personally of the October edition of AAJ magazine by Action Actor and International Taekwondo Athlete Sunny Singh. Simply look for our post ‘Signed by Sunny’ starting October 2020, share our post onto your timeline to enter.  Last but not least, we would like to give a shout out to Sharan Walia – Founder of International Indian Icon. They invited Sunny Singh to be a judge in season four (August 2020) for the Martial Art Category. For details, follow Suza Singh.

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