Art Vancouver Returns

Forget winter:  Art enthusiasts are thinking about spring. This year will mark the 5th anniversary of Western Canada’s contemporary art fair…and another grand celebration of art from around the world.  

Over 8,000 attendees were enthralled by the 2018 fair, arriving to see, experience and collect the artworks of over 100 exhibitors. “Art Vancouver is a great opportunity for the artist and public to view original [creations],” says Vancouver based artist Shelley Brookes.

Next year, the fair will be held on April 25-28, 2019 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.   Throughout the four-day event, visitors can expect not only a variety of art but also illustrative talks, artist-led workshops and other partner events such as the city-wide Gallery Crawl and the Vancouver Opera Festival.

Picture Courtesy: Art Vancouver(Facebook Page)

Championing artists

The fair was founded and produced by local artist Lisa Wolfin, who wanted to recreate the European art fairs that she became familiar with whilst living abroad.  Art Vancouver aims to put a personal twist on those fairs, championing artists and hosting them at the show so that visitors can meet with the creatives directly.

Picture Courtesy: Art Vancouver(Facebook Page)

“My buyer came to see the show looking for two eagle sculptures for her ranch,  she fell in love with hand-carved eagle sculptures and bought both of them,” says 2018 exhibitor Wes Seeley.  “ Art Vancouver changed my life, and I can’t wait to be there next year.”

Opening night starts with the Face of Art runway show where the artists strut down a catwalk with a piece of their work in hand, so people can see who the artist is and put a ‘face to the art.’


Uniting Nation through Art

Art Vancouver has long since promoted inclusivity and diversity, but this year the fair is making it official with the theme of “Uniting Nations through Art.” Selected speakers will contemplate what the theme historically and currently means to the art world, culminating in a panel talk featuring artists and other creative professionals.

The theme goes hand in hand with the fair’s concept: an immersive showcase of both local and international work.  For the 2019 show, exhibitors have been confirmed from across Canada and countries such as Sudan, South Korea, South Africa, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, and the States.

As Traci Lombardo of art auctioneer Barnebys states, “Art Vancouver reflects the best of [art] events: championing emerging artists, cultivating public interest in art, and offering something for everyone.”

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