The loss of a pioneer, friend and a good human being – Raj Sangha , founder of Bhangra Idols was fatally shot and died on scene

Raj Sangha, the founder of the organization ‘ Bhangra Idols ‘ was fatally shot and died on the scene in Surrey, B.C., on Monday morning.

It was confirmed Ranjeev “Raj” Sangha, 41, was killed in the 14600 block of Southview Drive in the Panorama Ridge neighborhood around 11:45 a.m.

The investigation team believes that it was targeted murder and the primary evidence reveals that suspect was using a black four-door sedan, that was burning in 12000-block of Cambie Road in Richmond, about 100 meters from a pedestrian path.

Raj Sangha was one of the closest longtime friend of Mr.Suki Pangalia (CEO of AAJ Magazine ) and has known him for more than 20 years. Suki was also the founder of Rangeela Dance School and Raj never failed to support him for all the competitions and events that Rangeela Dance School hosted and was involved.

“He volunteered, and was helping students to organize competitions and shows,” he said. “His main goal was to promote the art of the Bhangra and to give these kids a platform to excel,” adds Suki.

His organization was truly exceptional and unique giving opportunity to individuals with different backgrounds, whether it be students, doctors, engineers and beyond.

AAJ Magazine and Media Group are grieving the death of the pioneer Mr. Raj Sangha who was always a step ahead in bringing up the traditional culture of Punjab into the community.

All his friend and family are devasted by the shocking news and will be going through a tough time.  As we mourn the loss of such a massive icon in the Bhangra industry, we remember his contributions and achievements. We remember just why Raj is and always will remain as, a man who has inspired the community, and a man with a good heart.

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