Celebrating IWF with Lily Chandra

International Women's Day interview with Lily Chandra

Tell us a little about you.

My name is Lily Chandra, I am a first generation Canadian though I was conceived in Fiji. My ancestors are from India: Allahabad, Agra and Bihar. I feel connected to my Indian heritage as well as being Canadian. 

For the last 10 years I have been working as a medical intuitive, energy healer and psychic as a profession. During this time, I have healed people around the world of health issues using my personal energy healing system when doctors and specialists failed. 

In 2013, I developed a system that can reverse aging using energy healing and my hands, I call it Cosmetic Energy Healing®. With this method I can remove wrinkles, perform energetic face and neck lifts, reverse grey and more.

What does the International Women's Day 2019 campaign theme: #BalanceforBetter mean for you in your Personal and Professional life?

The International Women’s Day 2019 campaign theme: #BalanceforBetter strikes a cord with inner balance. As a working sole parent of two, it’s important for me to maintain a balance between work, motherhood and my spirituality. Balance is the key for a healthy life and happiness. 

Can you please explain what your intuitive gifts as a psychic medium and spiritual healer entail, and how they are different?

I first knew that I psychic in my early 20s. I had an experience where my crown chakra opened, and I felt a lightning bolt of energy come into it. This was a huge point of awakening for me. After that moment, I knew everything about people that I would meet for the first time. Their names, age, profession, family members’ names and more. It was frightening at first and then I learnt to accept it.

Did you pursue any training to help you hone your skills as a psychic, spiritual medium and healer?

What makes my work unique is that everything that I know comes straight from the divine. I never studied energy healing with a teacher, it found me. I have the ability to read one’s energy body and see where it is blocked. I am shown what it is, and the case is usually emotional or karmic. I release the block with energy healing and then bring the body into balance. 

I work on the levels of the body, mind, and soul. I use this method to help clients heal their bodies and reverse aging. 

I also teach law of attraction and guide people through a process to transform their limiting beliefs. I help them unlock their own power and give them the tools for success. My business background inspired the development of my online spiritual entrepreneurship program. When I do consult, I use my intuition to guide me. I have helped many people take their business to a whole new level by tapping into new demographics and market, creating greater efficiency in distribution and sharing intuitive insight on where to make critical adjustments. 

I like to share my knowledge to help others though I highly encourage people to tap into their own inner knowledge. I believe anyone can learn intuition and energy healing which is why I teach others how to harness and awaken it in themselves. 

The word “psychic” can have a negative connotation. Is there anything people can do to ensure they are receiving legitimate spiritual and medium readings?

I find that more and more people are visiting psychics to understand their lives, spirituality and to receive guidance with decision making. If you want to see a psychic I recommend that you research them first. Ask around and find out if others who have used them like them and would go back. You want to feel confident before you invest your time and money. 

The psychic abilities fall into various categories and some are highly specialized. Personally, I started by specializing in health and the body. Over time my abilities continued to grow and evolve and now my list of capacities entails beauty, health, abundance, business and more. You will want to ask the potential psychic what areas they can give you guidance on and make sure it aligns with what you want. There is a myth that psychics have all the answers. Actually, I don’t do any fortunetelling, and this can really upset people. 

As a spiritual healer, how can this help to assist women in our society in realizing their greatest potential and help them to find their way back to Love, the Authentic Self, and their personal truth.

Psychics can offer a lot support when others don’t understand what the person is going through. Working women feel a lot of pressure these days. Their instinct tells them to spend quality time with their children and the modern world tells us to excel at work. 

I love my work and the key to balance is self-care. Taking time to nurture yourself and have space to express your authentic self.

You love to travel, so, in terms of your Passion, Community involvement and Career, where are you looking to travel next or where is your dream destination as of right now? What keeps you motivated on an everyday basis?

I love to travel and combine my spiritual journey with it. My latest project merges these two beautifully. I will be travelling the world and hosting live meditations from sacred sites. I will broadcast these meditations live on YouTube and anyone can join and experience the energy. I have a big vision for this project and it will last around two and a half years. 

The True Beauty Revolution will tour the world with the intention to shift the perception of beauty from the physical to the internal. I believe that true beauty is about our connection to the divine. Self-love and seeing yourself as divinity. Meditation is the key to bridging the gap. 

On a personal level, why does women’s empowerment matter to you? Can you talk about one woman who has impacted your life?

Society pressures women to be perfect and always look glamourous. This causes stress, lack of confidence and low self-esteem in women. There are more suicides in the world today and we need to change the social fabric of beauty. This is important for the health and wellbeing for the people of the world. The True Beauty Revolution will play an active role in this transformation. We want to shift the perception of beauty and empower women. 

What’s one piece of inspiring and empowering advice you want to share with the Women around the world on behalf of Women's Day and how can spiritual healing help them?

Our goal is to speak at schools globally to educate the children and youth on what true beauty is. We will teach them how to manage stress through meditation.

Additionally, we are planning to give them a meditation album so that they can continue their journey. We will also host events where people can join talks and meditations.

The True Beauty Revolution will change the way that the world views beauty one person at time.

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