The Purpose of Life

Life is a spiritual union with Man that encompasses all his activities throughout the cycle of life.  If life’s purpose is to survive all attempts for that to happen must be pursued. One would need to have some idea as to why life is surviving and how, if Man is to make any future progress towards his future ideal Goal, Ultimate Survival, defined not just in material terms.

We know that we create the why we are surviving from our own perspective. But in the broader scheme do we really know.

The mystery of how we came to exist and why we are here has always been a sought after goal. What is for certain Man progresses to the degree he applies science to the universe of self, others, the physical universe and all of life. Man has evolved to be a “cognitive-being,> “The ability to become aware of being aware of knowing how to know answers as a basis of the science of one’s own being and at a cell level”<.

The higher mind of Man has given him the opportunity to reach into the unknown subjective reality of his own existence.  The science within has been suppressed from without and Man’s pursuit of knowledge has been thwarted with the ever increasing sinister ideology that Man has no need or potential to study his own mind or spiritual destiny.

The materialistic concept of man however has been adopted as reality and truth. The psychology of the day is that man has only an animal consciousness that resides in the brain and that is the limit of his ability to study or apply himself through his intelligence of the pursuit of knowledge of himself.

With this narrow view of Man he no longer can reach a higher level of survival spiritually with the assistance of the cell.

The evolution of the spiritual essence of life requires a person’s participation to move through each experience as it presents itself to progress to the next level of existence that brings him a step forward and upward toward the ultimate Goal of Life. Failure to will prevent a person from achieving necessary knowledge for a person’s benefit in their quest for the answers they are pursuing and to have an increase in survival potential.

Suicide is the act of ending ones progress towards the ultimate goal. One must view the immortality of oneself and living as an opportunity to achieve freedom through the life one is living. Freedom from unawareness of the spirit and Freedom from not knowing that one can know in this life time no matter the conditions we find ourselves in.  As long as we can live to be aware and become more aware of who we and others are as a spirit we should seek to survive.

The Middle class of existence has become the standard by which this society ascends to. A middle class society is catered to while others are neglected spiritually ,emotionally ,materially and in many other ways. The political will mainly in nature addresses the issues around Middle class economic resources and toward the center of keeping a government functioning and essentially this group class to manage the status quo.

We do not get movement away from their primary agenda. If we are truly to look at why the populations of the earth are subject to being wasted we only need to see the failure to invest in the creation of life and its longevity. The resources of earth including people are used from a capitalistic view not from a spiritual context where each being should have a right to life and prosperity that brings.

We have isolated Man into  classes that become our value system of how we should live together and how long.

We need to fully look at the reasons why man is driven into apathy and want to end his life and it’s personal. Everyone has a different story and individual needs to be meant, but the time and efforts are not being put into them to determine what is needed by those that find themselves in a desperate situation. Grouped in classes of illnesses and labelled like sheep they are provided a means to die not survive.

Those that are vulnerable in a society cannot continue to be victimised by an uncaring population indoctrinated into believing all that matters is material gain. The resources of earth can support new life and supply what is needed for those passing through if those resources were not exploited and reserved for a select class of people.

We need new science to evolve and better strategies to managed human life for the highest quality of living available for every human being on earth.

A person from the time life begins to grow and to the end our lives has a purpose. That needs to be the focus. When we look at the desperation on the faces of those suffering in their last days living with no purpose, it is not because it does not exist. It’s because it’s not just material in nature. We hear of the many years of neglect that they have gone through left to lay or sit wasting away because it is not economically feasible to invest in their wellbeing. We must realize that that is our own future if we don’t challenge this inhumanity of our humanity.

The reason one wants to die should not be because they are isolated alone without love from family friends and in general rejected for being who they are as they are. Millions of children are aborted. Millions more are subject to drug addicting medications and die on street drugs. Children as young as babies are prescribed psychiatric drugs and left on them only to lose their potential to grow naturally and are subject to abuse as they hit the streets as addicts.

All of these youth and the growing populations of the elderly will prematurely become sick with incurable deceases unable to recover because of a failure to intervene before it is too late. The answer, taking the life of another before a natural death can occur. The practice of Eugenics is also another growing activity within the medical profession.

Eugenics is  the concept to remove those from society no longer useful or capable to produce quality life. It has been studied and practiced in the US and other countries. Today we have a broad sweep of the human race to suppress populations of all classes considered to be a detriment to others or simply because sharing capital is considered a waist and takes from those who greed for more for themselves and less for others.

Assisted Suicide is awarding death the life of another. That life ceases to be over time and finally neglected and consumed by pain and without purpose a being retreats into an apathy of no return. But it does not have to be this way and we should do all we can to see that is not. We need to support all efforts by groups who can assist others to live and die with dignity and respect naturally. Pain can be managed with medicine. Medicine however cannot provide love, family, purpose, friendship, support and some might say salvation. We need to do better as a society on these issues and help give life to those that can no longer live up to a materialistic standard.

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