Vote Al Rawdah for Burnaby South to see a change

I, Al Rawdah, would like to introduce myself as a candidate for Burnaby South with PPC. I was born in a small town in Edmonton, AB. My parents immigrated to Canada in 1974 from Lebanon with the dream of a better and safer life. Canada has always been known as the country to achieve this dream.

Unfortunately, taxes, low wages and the UN pact is jeopardising this dream for everyone except the rich.Canada is a democratic country, and I strongly believe in democracy. I will also not tolerate the corruption that is evident with the current government. I have learned valuable lessons in my life as many of you have. Firstly, is to have respect others and offer help to those in need. This is where our current government is failing. My goal is to listen to your concerns and produce detailed solutions to the government and this community. Secondly, I will push for our tax’s to be lowered to a possible 0%on 15k in earnings, 15% on income upto 100k in earnings and 25% after that. Thirdly, Mental Health and Housing, Which is on the top of my list. I plan to listen, then construct a plan with solutions to present to the government. As I ask for your votes, I assure I have the same concerns you do. Vote Al Rawdah for Burnaby South to see a change .

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