The legendary Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan faced a storm of criticism from Punjabi Community

The legendary Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan faced a storm of criticism from Punjabi community during his performance on Saturday after he supported the idea of ‘one nation, one language’ for India, during a Canadian radio talk-show.

Outside the venue at Abbotsford in British Columbia protestors shouted slogans against him and the organizers of the show carrying Placard ‘Traitor of Punjab’s Mother Tongue’. 

The CEO of AAJ Magazine Suki Pangalia attended the press conference held earlier this week organized by Gurjit Bal Productions on behalf of Gurdas Maan live concert, where he mentioned, “Being Hindustani, one should respect mother tongue”. He also added, “Punjabi is the mother and Hindi is Massi(Mother’s Sister)”. Gurdas Maan never said Punjabi should not be spoken and as an artist, he has never failed to uplift Punjabi folk music.

Gurdas Maan is a legendary singer-lyricist whose work is celebrated among the Punjabi community as well as others across the globe. Suki Pangalia, himself being an artist has aspired by Gurdas Maan’s incredible talent and has immense respect towards his intuition towards reflecting the traditions of Punjab and its glory through his songs as well as epic storytelling lyrics.

Union home minister and BJP president Amit Shah during his speech on Hindi Diwas in New Delhi on September 14 pushed for Hindi as a common language triggered a backlash from all political parties in India.

Protesters also appealed to Punjabis immigrants to proscribe the event organizers.

However, Gurdas Maan later solved the agitation among his fan followers by clarifying his remarks, saying he was trying to encourage people to be more open towards learning Hindi which can open doors of opportunity for people across the country.

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