Ten things Premier John Horgan can implement- By Alex Sangha

Here are ten things Premier Horgan can implement now that he has successfully completed the first half of his term

  1. Create one Metro Police Force for the lower mainland.
  2. Amalgamate the two Langley’s, the two North Vans, Tri-Cities, and return White Rock to its ancestral home of Surrey.  Having all these municipalities is a total duplication of services.
  3. Invest heavily in extending Skytrain to most of the major town centres of the lower mainland, especially in Surrey which is growing, developing, and changing rapidly.
  4. Make public transit free for students, seniors and the poor or anyone earning less than $50,000 per year.  In addition, replace the transit police with customer service agents and security at every station.  Every Skytrain station also needs public washrooms, more covered areas, and benches to sit down, and water fountains.
  5. Replace income assistance with a guaranteed annual income for the poor and working poor.
  6. Tax the uber-rich and corporations and especially the polluters.
  7. Allow workers to take a one-year leave from their job “paid” to start a small business.  Also, make it super easy to unionize large corporate employers like Amazon and Wal-Mart who provide low wages, and limited benefits, job security, and hours.
  8. Develop an inter-provincial program where student loans are replaced with full student grants for any Canadian citizen who chooses to study and research at Canadian universities
  9. Teach a media literacy course in high school where students learn about vetting media sources, news, and information especially from fake news and poor journalism on social media
  10. Create a sufficient supply of affordable housing stock to ensure no one is homeless period.
Photo Courtesy(Cover and Inside article) : Official Facebook page John Horgan Premier of British Columbia, leader of the BC NDP and MLA for Langford-Juan de Fuca.

I would also like to see the Government of British Columbia and the Government of Canada bring a World Exposition to Surrey to celebrate the city’s various Indigenous and cultural communities.  Both governments invested heavily in Expo 86 for Vancouver.  Its time to invest in an Expo for Surrey because Surrey will soon become the largest city in British Columbia and already is in many ways the city of the future.


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