SUNNY SINGH- A Legend in Martial Arts

Sunny Singh, a former Calgary Sheriff and martial arts maven, is talented Canadian martial artist action Actor and Fight Chorographer/Stunt and has won several awards for his fight skills.

AMARPAL SINGH is his real name and the screen name is SUNNY SINGH, Sunny Singh EX Law enforcement officer and Taekwondo World Police Champion 3 times unbeatable Olympic style. He also received a lifetime achievement award from the Obama Administration. The taekwondo coach had the opportunity meet the likes of Cynthia Rothrock and Art Camacho. Rothrock holds black belt rankings in seven martial art styles (Tang Soo Do, Taekwondo, Karate, Eagle Claw, Wu Shu, Northern Shaolin, and Kung Fu) and has acted in over 50 Hollywood films. Art Camacho is an award-winning action film director, fight choreographer and stunt performer.  

 Sunny Singh is proudly representing Canada in the Hollywood scene as a three-time World Police Games Gold medalist. Sunny’s commitment to his career and representing his nation is continuously demonstrated. He was competing in the World Police Championship in British Columbia in 2009, when he found out that his father passed away. He was on the floor during a competition when he found out, and someone said, “Do you want to fight or give up? You already have silver Sunny.” He did not give up and ended being recognized as World Champion. Sunny refused to attend his father’s funeral so that he could represent Canada. He has competed in more than 150 tournaments nationally and internationally.  


Sunny recently arrived back from Venice Italy where he was honored with the Celebrity of the Year Award presented at the Martial Hero Awards 2018. SUNNY SINGH Holds Canadian and British Citizen. He adds another award to his ever-increasing trophies and Awards that Sunny has received over the last 24 months, including a Lifetime Achievement Award from past US President Barak Obama and an Achievement Award from the governor of California Jerry Brown.

Sunny holds dual citizenship, as a Canadian and British national, having immigrated to Canada from the United Kingdom in 2005. He has travelled across the world, including: USA, Europe, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Thailand and Switzerland. Sunny’s goal is to use his martial arts skills to become a well-known martial arts actor. Aside from martial arts, Sunny enjoys boxing and cricket. He considers boxing as a good cardio workout, and a way to gain stamina, and it is a sport in which is he still undergoing training.  

Sunny has completed various projects and has future projects in both Hollywood and Bollywood. In a movie called Jun, Sunny played the role of an assassin. He is featured in a film called Replican, which will be released next year. He was responsible for directing all fight scenes as a fight choreographer and second lead villain in Futureshift, his first feature film in Canada. Replican and Futureshift were directed by Susan Thomas. Next year, Sunny will play the role of a secret agent in a movie in New York. He will also be part of a major bodyguard fight scene, working with Cynthia Rothrock in Two Days and Two Kills, directed by Dave Durch. He will be showcased in the beginning, middle and end of the movie; a major Hollywood accomplishment. Sunny’s life story will also be coming to the big screen soon, in a film called Bitto Guru. 

Sunny is Silver Medalist at World Open Taekwondo championship and has achieved KUKKIWON CUP taekwondo championship Silver Medal twice. Sunny Singh Completed more than 200 Taekwondo Championships Including Muay Thai , Kickboxing And Sanshou.

Sunny has been cast in what looks to be an incredible show on US Television Bodyguard Wars with Judge Joe Brown, Cung Le , Cynthia Rothrock. He will appear as a celebrity judge on the show that is set to be syndicated across multiple US TV and cable platforms. He also going to be in the judging panel of- Miss Noble Canada in April 2019


Sunny shared that he is working on project called ‘Valetika’ by Suza Singh which will be on big screen in 2020. Sunny is currently filming Honorable Sins in his hometown of Alberta, where he plays a lead role as an ex fighter in a rural town that is ruled by human trafficking gang.

Upcoming projects are

  1. The Rise of Kickboxer 
  2. The Wing Chun Way 
  3. Bodyguard Wars TV series (celebrity judge)
  4. American Gunslinger so
  5. Antares 
  6. Operation Loonie Bingo
  7. The Ying Yang and the Treasure 
  8. Orlando Talent Show as a Judge
  9. Few Punjabi songs 
  10. Vortex Affect 
  11. Jassy
  12. Mansa I of Mali Journey to Mecca

Sunny Singh has been invited to India for 2018 INDIAN GAURAV NATIONAL AWARD ON 23 DECEMBER BY GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. After that award AMARPAL SINGH (Sunny Singh) will be nomination for PADMA SHRI AWARD. Also, Sunny Singh Get nominated for 12 Munich hall of honors in Germany and Action Mega Weekend in 2019.

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