New Year Resolutions

As we prepare to begin 2018, many of us have set goals or have come up with resolutions that we would like to stick to in the coming year.

Statistically many will fail at this attempt to bring forth the change they want in their lives. So, why does this tend to happen repeatedly year after year?

The answers are very simple, if you look at the facts. Many of the ones that tend to fail at keeping their resolutions do so because they aren’t using the right tools to bring forth this change into their lives.

To change your habits is to change your character. That is something very empowering to do and once you can change your character, you can bring forth an abundance of positive changes into your lives.

Psychology teaches us that the habits of the mind can be changed by the development of pathways in our brains which are created by daily habits, emotions, our interactions with others and so forth. Our brains have the power to bring forth drastic changes in our lives through synaptic plasticity.

Synaptic plasticity controls how effectively the neurons in our brains communicate with each other. Long term bad habits cause stable changes in the brain at the molecular and cellular levels. Therefore, you really need to get down to the nitty gritty things in your life and start changing yourself on a microscopic level.

I would suggest that you create daily rituals for yourself to get you into a routine of good habits that will strengthen the ability of your mind to adapt and stick to changes.

Some rituals that you can start doing daily pertain to the little things in your life. Start your day by getting up on time and making your bed. Eat breakfast and enjoy your first meal of the day and plan your tasks for the day. This will help raise your self awareness.

Clean up your space constantly. When you declutter your space and clean up, the visual affect will influence your brain. Complete small tasks on time, be nicer to people, listen more than talking and really hear people out when listening, go on small walks, make time to meet friends and visit family.

Exercising really helps change the chemicals in your body. By increasing physical activity in your schedule, your body will release more endorphins, and balance dopamine and serotonin levels, which will in turn will boost your energy levels, change your mood, and prompt better sleep.

These rituals will bring a balance into your days and hence help your brain adapt to the changes you want to bring forth in your life.

Nothing great comes easy and fast. Everything worth having takes time to build, but you have to start somewhere and stick to the path you have taken. Just remember: it’s ok to fall down, as long as you keep getting back up.

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