New in the Now 

The New Year is around the corner and everyone is getting ready to celebrate the Holidays with cheer, celebration, good food, excitement and energy for the next few weeks. Everyone is planning their New Year parties and are ready to kick off the New Year with new resolutions. These range from embarking on personal wellness, getting into shape, starting a new business, a career change, family additions, pondering on new initiatives or beginnings that’ll make us happier or more successful in the future. We’re all excited to start the partying on New Year’s night, cheering each other with a glass of Champagne and having fun late into the night. 


When it comes to reality, after all the excitement of last night, most of us wake up really late the next morning with a huge hangover, long and tired faces. This was my New Year experience every year; it was just part of the social scene, that’s what everyone did. I used to be a part of these late night parties, even though deep within I didn’t look forward to them. I dragged myself to them because I didn’t want to be a social outcast. I just felt the excitement was over-hyped. Eleven years back, my life transformed when I met Master Sunita. I evolved into someone whose life everyday was about anticipating and relishing the excitement of a New Year, New Beginnings and New Opportunities every single moment. I quickly realized the newness within me blossoming each moment. Every moment, I’d feel like fire crackers exploding in my heart creating color and just, pure joy. The unstoppable excitement that I realized from my pure inner self is inexplicable in words. 


Before I met Master Sunita, I had no concept of living within my true presence and in the present moment. I would dwell way too much on the negative experiences in my past, be emotional more than was healthy, be anxious about the future and constantly judged myself and others, without ever enjoying what the present had to offer me. However, through Sookshma, I have realized that there is newness in every single moment. We have an opportunity to create anything we want in the present moment. In fact, the Past and the Future are delusions. The Past is dead and the Future is unpredictable. Many of us spend a lot of time ruminating on the past. This rumination creates a lot of stress and destructive patterns in our subconscious mind, eventually leading to mental and emotional blockages that finally take a toll on our health. Some of us then start suffering from stress and anxiety, and others who have suffered more start developing complex health issues. Dwelling on past events is like digging a grave yard and trying to smell it. Of course it will stink. It can irritate and frustrate us. It spoils your mood, and sets the tone for the rest of the day, pure misery and no joy. The best we can do is learn from the past and move on. Not moving onto the future directly, but pausing in the present to experience our true self. The Future is imaginary. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. Yes we can predict based on some probability, but life comes with surprises that we do not expect most of the time. We plan for an outcome and something else happens. I am sure each one of you will agree that you were set to do something in life, but some events/situations/circumstances changed/affected our path and we end up in completely unexpected/different situations. So the Future is not easy to predict. Focusing only on the future without enjoying the present in its fullness is living blindly and it can suck us into a whirlpool of anxiety and take us on an imaginary roller coaster ride. The beauty of living in the present is that you will be alert, aware and awake during surprises, and sudden life changing events and situations. It helps us to be prepared for any challenges from the future. The Present is the only reality. When living in the present moment with full awareness, Life becomes a celebration. 


The concept of Time is a human creation. There is no such thing as time for other species of animals. A cat or an ant does not know what time is. Yes, there is the Sunrise and Sunset, and changes in nature that we all align with. However, the whole construct of time is simply a creation of the human mind. The only time there really is, is the Present Moment. In that present moment is the potential to create the new, destroy the old and channel our energy continuously into the present. There is only the Present and when we align with this everlasting present, life becomes a continuous flow of present moments. Master Sunita calls this alertness of the Present: Continuous Constant Integrated Positive Awareness (CCIPA). We then do not get stuck, we move on. A lot of people have a hard time living in the present and it takes time to rewire our consciousness to become aware of the Present.   


When I came to Sunita and her Sookshma program, it took me to the very crux of the Present moment which is the Pure Self beyond the movement of mind. The Mind is like a monkey jumping to the past or the future. The Mind is just movement of information between the Past and Future, but the Pure Self is an everlasting continuum. The Nature of the Body is birth, decay and death, but the pure self is the vibration of energy behind the body. This vibration is neither created nor destroyed. It is always there. It is there in all of us. Ancient Wisdom says that when we are able to tune into this pure energy field of timeless and ageless being, then life becomes bliss. We can use that infinite nuclear energy to accomplish our goals and dreams. Each present moment resolves itself to transform our infinite vision into a reality that benefits us and inspires humanity. Our life blossoms with Personal Wellness at its core, the experience of Fullness of energy and bliss flooding each cell of our consciousness and the Oneness of humanity becomes practical. The Sookshma program of Master Sunita enforces us to care for the Self, to show love and compassion for the Self. It teaches us to take care of our precious resources: our mind and body and to use them as tools by the Pure Self, that will bring abundance to our life in all aspects and at all times, because there is only the Present. In the Now, there is no place for the past and the future. In the Now exists Pure Intentions that when given attention to blossom into the reality of the Present.  


People make resolutions for the New Year but most of them are forgotten or given up on the very next week, month or quarter. Many of us are back to our old patterns, conditioned minds and attitudes. These patterns are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind and are not easy to let go and move forward. Even though some are able to move forward and make it to their resolutions, most end up with physical/emotional illness, or stay in their unhealthy lifestyle habits because they neglect caring for the most precious resources they have: their body and mind. They live in the delusion of name, fame, social status, ego identities, power, money, unhealthy comparisons, working towards unhealthy goals, constantly trying to meet unhealthy expectations, and destroy their self and the environment through their selfish needs and deeds. The lack of understanding of the true nature of existence, the nature of the body and mind, the nature of time results in pain and suffering. However, when we realize our pure self and work from the state of Oneness within, it brings honesty and integrity to make the intention of our resolutions come true. It allows us to accept the present without any resistance, and allows us to work with the Present towards a positive vision with patience and perseverance. 


My personal resolution is to bring Wellness and Oneness to humanity through our work at the Non-profit Peace Tree Innovations Society ( In fact the resolution is not separate from me anymore. Every aspect of my being is resonating with this resolution. I have become the resolution with one-pointedness. Sookshma of Master Sunita reveals the power of concentration and positive awareness from moment to moment. When we vibrate at that level of pure energy, then situations and circumstances will resonate with us to make our desires come true. Our resolution is to touch the hearts and souls of millions of people. Our vision is to help humanity heal from self-destructive patterns, emotions and turmoil. Our mission is to assist all in realizing their true inner potential, create a shining spark of newness within and to spread this light to all selflessly. All it takes is to Breathe and Smile for the Self in this Present Moment and everything else will fall in place in the Newness of Now to create Health, Wealth and Bliss. Wishing you all the very best and newness in every moment. 


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