Fred Haynes – For Mayor of Saanich

Hello. I am Fred Haynes and after serving four years on Council, I am very excited at running to be the next Mayor of Saanich.

I believe that being Mayor is about providing leadership and working in consultation with all elected councilors to build consensus around solutions for Saanich. It also means listening effectively to residents and staff and to actively addressing community needs. In addition, it requires advocating effectively at times with higher levels of government to get great things done for Saanich.

About Fred

Fred is an independent, remarkably effective first term councilor with decades of community service.  A business owner with a Ph.D. in diabetes, he takes an evidence-based approach to policy.  Together with Cathy, his wife, he has 3 college age sons, who motivate him to create a vibrant future for all.

In his first term Fred delivered outstanding results by working as a collaborative problem solver. He successfully brought forward initiatives on housing, economy, diversity, community safety, environment, and solved thorny issues, including the long-standing Gordon Head cattle feedlot problem.


Experience that matters

Experience on council is essential for a candidate for Mayor. These past four years, Fred has studied and learned a tremendous amount how Council works and how to be effective in that group. He has educated himself on how to deliver positive results for residents.  Fred found it possible to build consensus even with a diverse range of opinions. Building win-win solutions that tackle old problems in new ways is one of his strengths.

Of his successes, one Fred is very proud of is helping secure federal funding for co-op housing. He worked on the “You Hold The Key Campaign” with the BC Co-operative Housing Federation and Saanich Council. Fred took a successful resolution to the Canadian Federation of Canadian Municipalities annual meeting. This helped secure extended Federal financial support for this important component of housing.  Separately, he achieved a similar outcome after lobbying for improved Federal support for renovation tax credits for seniors. These enable seniors to better age in place, and stay in their homes.  Having a Mayor who can successfully work with higher levels of government on behalf of residents is key to solving issues that are local, but outside municipal powers.

For rural Saanich, Fred has made a practical difference to local farmers. Working with our farmers, Council and the Peninsula and Area Agricultural Commission, he was able to update our bylaws so that farmers can better protect their crops from predation by deer, geese and rabbits. This helps the farm economy, and improves food security.

A housing advocate, Fred had great success with increasing on-campus student housing. Working with the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, he won unanimous support for a request from the Mayors and Councilors of BC to the Provincial Government. The outcome was some $450 million in financing from the Province wide to address this. The University of Victoria is responding with plans to build some 770 new housing units. This helps us all, as the off-campus students will be able to move on campus, freeing up precious rental homes.

Other key housing initiatives by Fred include advancing opportunities for garden suites in Saanich, small lot family homes, and more multifamily rental housing. There is housing crisis and we need more diversity in our supply. As a director on the Coalition to End Homelessness Fred is also working on supported housing initiatives.  If elected as Mayor, he will continue to this important work.

Meanwhile, as our population grows we need to balance urban development with the maintaining and improving our urban green spaces and our agricultural lands. With good foresight and progressive planning Fred believes we can build an amazing sustainable future together. This includes respecting the Agricultural Land Reserve and our Urban Containment Boundary. It includes environmentally responsible planning and gentle infill where appropriate, particularly on transit corridors.

Economic development is also vital. We need to build our business and commercial activities in Saanich. This will help take the pressure off of our residential tax base. It will help reduce the need of annual tax increases. Mayor and Council must also respect the tax payer, which means spending within our means.

Fred’s guiding principles: Fiscal responsibility; Environmentally responsible housing; Protecting rural Saanich and our natural areas; Support local businesses; Working together.


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