Attending Advaita: A Celebration of Oneness

They called it Advaita, a celebration of oneness. I called it a circle of light and jewels of India. A circle or ring is a union creating the power of one. I have never experienced the arts in classical Indian with over 5 areas in the movement arts. I was surprised that the event was not held on stage where a larger crowd to enjoy the light these performers brought.


In this full house event I was in the front row seat with no other than Yosof Hakimi from Aaj magazine. Indian classical dance and music is a science with technique, style, and rooted in history.

In North America with its growing multicultural herd we are making our way integrating the history we left behind. What a beautiful way to share this joy of dance, drama, music in Indian classical dance. At times I felt “Krishna” on stage, and the Tandav “Shiva” fill the room in the performers who danced with shakti that only comes from a place of deep worship. For me the body is a temple that is the instrument like most of these dancers I become one with the dance.

The message I went home with was ‘we need more of this’ and a sense of welcome was the other message where the group invited everyone in to support them. The night was illuminated by the fire of tranquil dance performances.

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